The Original Way to Open The Best Friends

At midnight, after cleaning up, it’s a relaxing time playing smartphone.

Suddenly having a video invitation calling from my bestie April.

Falling asleep of her baby, but she is into insomnia. Then, the 2 ladies in the video only wear the bra, taking a tin of beer and starting the gossip with each other.

Keeping in touch not so frequently,but always be there for each other.

Understanding the life track of each other closely and quickly.

The way to be with each other is quite cosy and it has been a great satisfaction for the lady who has reached 30.

Being /Staying in different cities, occasionally having the opportunity to get together, no matter how busy we are, trying to meet each other is a part of our daily routine.

Talking freely, knowing and willing to protect the cares of each other, even though reached the sensitive point will transfer the topics automatically so that it will avoid having any embarrassing occasions.

S.Leaf's basic daily collection, just like this comfortable friendship which doesn't need to spend any effort on matching styling.

Jewellery seems to wear insignificantly, but the design and texture delicately which always has an invisible power in order to make you being delicate and calm!

Like an old friend of yours, always sharing the most comfortable time with you, also giving you the softest but toughest power for you!

Sincere friendship will become brighter for each other as time goes by!


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